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There have been a total of eight Auburn teams that have been awarded some form of "National Champions" title. The NCAA's website states that "the NCAA does not conduct a national championship in Division I-A football and is not involved in the selection process", but goes on to state that "a number of polling organizations provide a final ranking of Division I-A football teams at the end of each season". The NCAA website then lists four Auburn squads that have been named National Champions by at least one organization. Here is the complete list of the Auburn teams ranked #1 and some of the organizations that recognized them as National Champion:

  • 1910 61 team (Loren Maxwell)
  • 1913 undefeated 80 team (Billingsley, James Howell, 1st-N-Goal)
  • 1914 undefeated 801 team (James Howell)
  • 1957 undefeated 100 team (Associated Press, Billingsley, Fleming, Football Research, Helms, James Howell, Massey Ratings, National Championship Foundation, Nutshell Sports, Poling, Sagarin, Sorensen, Williamson, David Wilson)
  • 1958 undefeated 901 team (Montgomery Full Season Championship)
  • 1983 111 team (ARGH, Billingsley, DKC, Eck, FACT, Fleming, Football Research, James Howell, Massey Ratings, New York Times, Nutshell Sports, Sorensen, Sparks Achievement, David Wilson, 1st-N-Goal)
  • 1993 undefeated 110 team (Harry Frye, National Championship Foundation, Nutshell Sports, Sparks Achievement, David Wilson)
  • 2004 undefeated 130 team (Darryl W. Perry, EFI, FansPoll, GBE, Hank Trexler, M Cubed)

The AP Poll did not begin selecting a champion until 1936 nor the AFCA Coaches Poll until 1950, so many national champion titles previous to those date were awarded retroactively. However during the 1910's, it is difficult to despute the legitimacy of the Auburn titles. The undefeated 1913 and 1914 teams coached by Mike Donahue were some of the best defenses in Auburn history. In fact, the 1914 squad allowed zero points all season, outscoring opponents 193-0. The 1983 team featuring Bo Jackson went 111 and finished the season by beating Michigan 9-7 in the Sugar Bowl. The undefeated 2004 squad (130) finished second in the AP and Coaches Top 25 polls, but the team was awarded the 2004 People's National Champion title. Auburn University officially only claims the Associated Press (AP) National Championship of 1957 (although the school does acknowledge the 1913, 1983, 1993 and 2004 titles in their media guide). E-mail Alerts - Free Weekly E-mail News!


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